So 2 years on, now 14, just came back to check the site and what was happening, and doubt anyone is here anymore but anyways it’s cool that I reached 20,000 visitors, I’m gonna be giving the site away so if anyone wants the site you can comment saying you want it, and I’ll give to you for free! How about that!


I’m Still In

Hey Guys, Its Portomas82, I’m Back though I won’t be posting a lot, I will be Visiting a lot though and adding comments and well doing what I do best Blogging!!!SO guys keep up the good work, by the way I like the CSS.

Portomas82 🙂


Hey Everyone!

The fireworks celebration has begun.It’s pretty awesome but I wish they did it different compared to last year,but thats Club Penguin being lazy for Disney.But still I guess it pretty cool.Only two rooms are decorated.

Fireworks are located at Iceberg and Mountain.

Heres the other picture of fireworks in the mountain.

Are these Fireworks cool?,Tell me by commenting on the post.

~Mr Rockey T~


Well Guys I think I’m Quiting my time has come. Lots of my friends tell me that Club Penguin is Babyish but I tend to disagree. Maybe Club Penguin is a bit cool but still I think I can find much more interesting on the Internet. So I guess I Quit even my best is Quiting but I’m not telling you his name. This will not be deleted it will stay on. So I can remember my Childhood.Sorry Guys



New Catalog!!!

Hey Guys ❗ We Have finnaly made it to 10,000 hits which is good new for everyone!!!That means that when we get up to 11,000 I’ll post the invitaions!!!Anyways, The cheats are out of the new catalog so lets get on with it!!!

Inflatable Dragon!!!


Lava Lamp!!!

P.S. Sorry for posting late 😉

Portomas82 🙂

Water Party Cheats

Hey Everyone

The Club Penguin Water Party has finally arrived.It’s the best party of the year and I mean it theres no way you can this.Well theres three cool free items.Two of them have returned from previous partys and there is one brand new one.So lets check them all out!

The Shell Necklace is located at the beach.I guess it’s a pretty cool item.It will look better female penguins though.The necklace is in a light shade of blue.

To get the Ice Cream Apron you need to go to the Plazza.This item has returned from the previous Water Party last year.If you dance with only this item on you can make a Ice Cream that is made with Purple Syrup.

The last free item at the moment is  the Yellow Inflatable Duck.To get the item you must go to the Cove.This item has been available in many party’s before. There was a green version  last year.I believe this is the third time it has been returned.If you dance with the only the Duck on you can swim how cool is that?

Thats All For Now,Let me know what you think of it.

P.S If there is another item then I’ll just edit this post.Also the funny pictures page has been updated.

~Mr Rockey T~

New Catalog!!!

Hola ❗ Well another day in cp and obviously its Friday, so as usuall there is another update!!! Well, this ime the Catalog has been updated!!!In Other News: Once the hits are going up so fast I’ve got to start thinking about 10000 Hits PARTY!!!Well, here are the cheats

-The Viking Helmets!!!

-Divers Helmet!!!

-Crystal Staff!!!

-Cheesey Necktie!!!

Over And Out ❗

Portomas82 ❗ 😉 :mrgreen:


Bad News!!!:(

Well Guys after all the hard work that Mr.Rockey T. did he got hurt.And I mean badly Hurt!!!.Well his best was telling me that he was walking round park and a car him!!!.Well then they rushed to hospital!!!.His friend said he was bleeding like crazy!!!.I did this post to cheer him up :).Please comment to make him even more better!!!

Over and Out ❗

Portomas82 😉

New Newspaper (#137)

Hello Everyone!!!

Today the newspaper came out.Issue #137 is now available for every penguin to read.

The writing contest winners have been announced.Look below for the winners.

The winners of the book contest are….”Lolliepops10, Sammysays and chochypop.”

Also the Igloo Contest  is now over.Congratz to all the winners.They will all get sum of 15,000 coins(Penguin Coins).The winners are….

Finally,here are all the  events happaning soon.I cant wait for the books to be published I really want to read them all.Most because my Mum says I waste my time on Club Penguin just talking and dancing.Well I’ll show her that Club Penguin is not just a game where fat penguin’s walk and dance and buy clothes just too look hot and lose weight lol.Also I really hope the catalog is good because the cooler the items the more penguins will want them and become members…I also hope the new pin is for once in the Dojo.Every penguin knows where Dojo is…

The post if from my site

~Mr Rockey T~